Local Charities

Hi, I’m Al Fitzmorris, former pitcher for the KC Royals and current Sales and Marketing Director with Weather Tech Renovations. I’ve been a part of the game of baseball for as long as I can remember. From growing up in the Little Leagues of San Diego to playing in the Major Leagues. Most of my time was spent here in Kansas City area (where my heart is). I’ve had the opportunity to play competitively at every level and have always welcomed the challenge. I also played football and basketball in High School with opportunities to pursue both sports in college. Baseball however, was my first love.

How it all started: Originally, I signed and played with the Chicago White Sox as an outfielder in the Minor Leagues, after two years I felt as if I was more suited to pitch. For the next two years I did so and was then drafted in the Expansion Draft by the Kansas City Royals. That same year I made it to the Major Leagues and continued my pitching career with the KC Royals for eight years before being selected by the Toronto Blue Jays in another Expansion Draft. Later, that same day I was traded to the Cleveland Indians. Quite an exciting day, as just in that one day I was a member of three different Major League Teams. Flash forward a year and a half, and I was back in Southern California as a member of the Angels. That following year I began as a player coach in Hawaii, and a                                                                                                                 AAA affiliate for the San Diego Padres, at the end of the year called it a career.

My time in Kansas City was the most special to me for several reasons. With the Royals being a new ball club, our team pretty much grew up together, building both our team and close friendships. I met my wife Jan during my second year with the Royals, we had our children here in KC, and 47 years later are still going strong. As a Royal, my MLB career took off. For me, it culminated after our first Division Championship in 1976. Many of us chose to stay and live here in the KC area. Our wives bonded as a result and created some long lasting and continued friendships. These experiences are what made playing for the Royals the best years of my life.

When I retired from baseball we moved back to San Diego and bought a home in the area that I grew up. Within 4 years we were on our way back to KC and have remained here since.

In my position with Weather Tech Renovations I have had the opportunity to continue working on a “team” and to build the relationships with the many people I have met over the years, both personal and professional. It is comforting know that I can ensure you are receiving a quality product and great service. Weather Tech has contributed to many of the charities I’ve been involved in for years.

I work with numerous charities, too many to mention but if it benefits children I am all in! As a member of the Royals Alumni, forwarded me the opportunity to work closely with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and have since it’s conception 26+ years. Buck O’Neil and myself were friends for decades and together held Legends Luncheons for years. He was truly a gift to the KC community.